Boroo is the first significant foreign investment in Mongolia for industrial development since 1979 and has accounted for a 45% increase in Mongolian gold production. The mine employs about 300 people, 90% of whom are Mongolian citizens.

Establishing and maintaining positive government and community relationships is a high priority for the company, one that is reflected in a comprehensive range of social and economic initiatives. These include:

  • Focusing our recruitment efforts within the two soums or provinces in which the mine is located. We have established a recruitment and training centre in Baruunkhaara and continue to fill operating and construction positions with local people to the greatest possible extent.
  • Hiring support services from nearby communities, such as transportation of mine personnel
  • The appointment of a Manager of Community Relations to act as a liaison with the local population
  • The establishment of Social Development Fund for the surrounding community, which utilizes input from local stakeholders.  

Centerra’s Boroo operation provided funds to certain projects within Mongolia with particular focus on the surrounding communities. The mine supported local schools by upgrading their facilities, including the renovation of the school dormitory at Baruunkharaa and improvements to the heating, plumbing and drinking water systems and construction of a new canteen at Bilig. Other infrastructure projects included building an agricultural centre and community centres in Bayangol Soum and Mandal Soum, repairs to municipal streets and provision of dental clinic equipment.

Centerra has assisted in developing local infrastructure including a library, medical clinic and community centres. A sustainable community development fund and micro loan program were also implemented to alleviate unemployment and poverty by creating approximately 30-40 new jobs annually and supporting the development or growth of small and family-owned businesses. Between 2011 and 2012 Centerra assisted in building a new modern maternity hospital in the capital, Ulan Bataar, with the capacity for 50 intensive care units for newborns, the new facility has 150 beds.

On January 31, 2013 the keys to the Annex of the First Maternity Hospital was handed over by Centerra to the Mongolian Ministry of Health. Centerra has invested to date MNT 10 billion in this project. In addition to physicians, pediatricians, pathologists, hygiene specialists, nurses and laboratory staff the Mongolian Ministry of Health has approved hiring an additional 200 workers.