Envrionment And Safety

The Boroo Gold Company (BGC) believes that the health and safety of its employees and the public, and the protection of the natural environment, are among its fundamental responsibilities. In support of these principles, the company’s policy is to:

  • Identify the significant health, safety and environmental hazards and risks associated with its activities
  • Ensure the participation of employees in the development and implementation of health and safety programs and procedures associated with their work plans
  • Provide employees at all levels with appropriate training required to carry out their health, safety, and environmental duties and responsibilities
  • Identify the potential for accidents and emergency situations and train and test employees accordingly
  • Conduct regular audits to assess and ensure conformance with this policy
  • Handle and dispose of wastes in a manner that avoids, reduces or controls pollution

An Environment Management System (“EMS”) has been developed by Boroo Gold Company (BGC) to address the impacts of the Boroo operation on the environment and to monitor compliance with applicable legal requirements with respect to the environment. The system sets out scheduled monitoring, engineering controls and reporting on the tailings management facility, the mill, the mine, wildlife, waste dump effluents and waste management. Specific programs that monitor environmental impacts include testing for acid generation potential, dust control, investigating and reporting spill incidents on-site and off-site, environmental reclamation, hazardous materials handling, planning for site decommissioning and rehabilitation, monitoring the potable water treatment system and sewage treatment and operation of the landfill. The EMS follows the ISO-14001 standard, and the most stringent of the following standards on any particular environmental aspect: the environmental laws of Mongolia; Canadian Federal; Saskatchewan Provincial; World Bank/IFC standards; for determining and managing environmental aspects associated with its activities


A decommissioning plan estimating the cost of closing operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner has been prepared for the operation by North American consultants.

In 2007 the Ministry of Environment approved the Preliminary Mine Closure Plan as a part of a detailed environmental impact assessment (“DEIA”) addendum. In 2008, work began on a detailed mine closure plan (“DMCP”) which was submitted to the relevant government authorities in March 2009. In the absence of detailed Mongolian regulatory guidelines on mine closure the DMCP included reference to international practices pertaining to closure of mining operations. At the request of the Ministry of Environment, the plan was re-written as a closure DEIA and subsequently re-submitted in 2011.