Health & Safety


Centerra is committed to operating the Kumtor mine in a healthy and safe manner for all employees, with standards equal to or exceeding local and world requirements.

Kumtor's Safety Program has been audited internally on an annual basis and through two external reviews since 1999. The last external detailed review of the safety program took place in 2001 during the development of the formal Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) by Golder Associates. During the HSMS development process, a Hazardous Identification, Risk Assessment, and Control process was carried out with all Kumtor facilities and departments, resulting in a number of corrective actions being performed. Prior to this, James Pirie & Associates conducted an independent audit of Kumtor's safety program and workplace conditions in 1999 and concluded that Kumtor's occupational health and safety practices comply with sound international mining practices.

All safety and environmental initiatives are tracked through Kumtor's Corrective & Prevention Action Ledger system and are reviewed at site in morning meetings and on a monthly basis.


The Boroo Gold Company (BGC) believes that the health and safety of its employees and the public, and the protection of the natural environment, are among its fundamental responsibilities. In support of these principles, the company’s policy is to:

  • Identify the significant health, safety and environmental hazards and risks associated with its activities
  • Ensure the participation of employees in the development and implementation of health and safety programs and procedures associated with their work plans 
  • Provide employees at all levels with appropriate training required to carry out their health, safety, and environmental duties and responsibilities 
  • Identify the potential for accidents and emergency situations and train and test employees accordingly 
  • Conduct regular audits to assess and ensure conformance with this policy 
  • Handle and dispose of wastes in a manner that avoids, reduces or controls pollution 

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